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"Twisting genres at will and singing with skewed humor. But it's largely unplugged, taking the horn section and guitar vamps of Puerto Rican salsa and bending them by way of Mingus and Sun Ra." 

New York Times

"(The Yo You Me Tú Trilogy) is an ambitious album and it shows in the intensely chiseled harmonic progressions that inform the pieces throughout this wonderful repertoire. I think that this is an album that herald's the coming of a new age of Latin Jazz (for want of a better term)."

Latin Jazz Network

"Zemog has developed an original, satisfying spin on Latin rock that reveals an understanding of the Plena and Bomba and a desire to subvert [stereotypical ideas of 'Latin music']." 


"Dense rhythmic structures, avant brass and reed solos, vocals, and unpredictable arrangements make Zemog a challenging listening experience. Take the challenge; this is provocative music." 


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